Sunday, October 21, 2012

Circus Girl

Ah, I love Autumn. I know I has said this so many times but I just can't help it. I love how tender and warm the sunlight is in autumn, unlike blazing hot summer, which has intense sun beams. This black and white striped shirt is one of my favorite pieces. Its fit is very nice, not to tight, not to loose, just enough like how I want it to be. Stripes like this remind me of circus although my friends disgree. They think this top is another casual version of a prisoner's uniform. Haha. I'm still crazy about pleated pieces. Pleat is my eternal love. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Living in Taiwan makes Autumn is the shortest season of a year, I've been appreciating every moment of it. The weather, warm with a little of wind, is perfect for tights. I think the tattoo tights are very cute and satisfy my desire of a real tattoo without getting hurt or getting yelled at by mom. I've been mixing and layering with some summer pieces. The lace oversize lace shirt is yet another piece that I've raid from my mom's closet. It's fall appropriate yet playful with sublte colors. This black leather studded backpack is my new love and go to piece now. It goes with everything.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Les Coeurs Noirs

Right now, I'm quite obsessed with black and white because of the overdose of these 2 colors from SS 13 collections. I use not to be into black and white. So I've heard that they are timeless colors and they hold quite crucial roles in the color palette. But somehow I tend to gravitate towards bright colors and statement garments. That's why black and white used to be plain and not enough for me. However, only recently that I've developed such love for them. I've finally understood the power of these 2 basic colors. They are so versatile. You can interpret many different looks just by these 2 colors. They are definitely my colors of the moment.