Friday, November 11, 2011

Wrong Size And Sunlight

Sorry for lack of updates. I was busy with midterm exams. I didn't do quite well on the exams. But I'm glad that it's over. The weather lately is gloomy and dull. It's been raining for a week and I miss sunshine terribly. I definitely prefer hats to umbrellas to be my all time accessories.

These photos were taken before the exams. Those pink and silver heels are painful to walk in because they aren't my size. However, the price was cheap and I just love their design and colors.
So I decided to get them not for practical use but for mental pleasure. Haha. That gold vintage clutch I got from mom is my new treasure now. Its elegant delicate beauty totally dazzles me.
Hope the weather gets back its happy mood soon. I'm desperate for some sunlight here.

P/S: The outfit was inspired by Chicmuse, my favorite top fashion blogger. She's amazing.