Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year for new resolutions

shorts - cousin's old pair, F21 jacket, vintage sweater, Joe's Jeans wedges, Bata handbag)

There's a comment on a youtube video stated that people didn't have to wait for new year to change, just figured out and acted immediately and so that new year's resolutions were just superfluous and for fun. Yes I think it's fun when people tell about their resolutions but not those silly fun things. Changes are not always easy, they can be either as small as taking more time brushing your teeth at night or as big as losing weight or giving up smoking or even bigger like, huge changes. People need strength and support you know, and when I say, it's new year now, start a fresh new start, everything you want to change just do it and forget about how hard last year you may have, you can believe it cause it's true!!

My new year resolutions:
- Be more decisive on everything cause I wasted almost half my time last year on my decisions.
- Be more motivated in blogging. I need to upload more looks more often, creating new feeds, working on online fashion playgrounds, etc
- Saving more money for our blog (aka for new clothing purchases haha, does it sound serious even?)
- Taking more care of my hair
- Use less lipbalms (I'm addicted to spreading my lips with delicious smooth butter aaaa)
I think that's almost everything crucial. Would you share with me yours?


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