Friday, September 30, 2011

My Potion

(top - local store, skirt - handed down from cousin, F21 shoes)
On the exact day, exact time, two years ago, I was trying to put my head straight up to study for the exams or laying it down on the table and praying for my high school period to be over soon. But now, I miss those days 'cause days at home are more boring, no friends and no errands or homeworks to keep myself alive. Instead, I'm feeling like a wreck.

I found this peplum-like skirt in my cousin's pile of clothes that was about to be sold to some thriftstores. How could she?? Honestly, they would hang it on and put a much higher price tag especially when peplums are on stage again. Having taken the chance, I took it home and paired it with this Wildfox-alike love potion top. The outfit did bring my spirit back a little and as a bonus, my friend came along in the traditional ao dai and she was in such a high mood for some shoots.