Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Good To Feel Like 6 Again

Do you sometimes feel happy like a child? Once in a while, I just love to act like a 6 year old and I don't care what people think. Dancing and singing randomly on the streets. Saying aloud what you like and don't like. Swinging my Hello Kitty tote while walking. Making mom buy you a balloon or an ice cream cone even though you surely have enough money for that. All these childish act,  I don't see it as a problem of mine. I take it as a  good sign that my carefree/young/childlike spirit is not gone yet. It's been 13 years since the last day of 6 year old. Now, I walk in 4 inch heels, talk business and  ready to fall in love. Still, when you look at me, I hope it's the 6 year old me smiling back at you.


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