Friday, July 8, 2011

Parents' Don'ts & The Facts

"Don't do this, don't do that!!"

Have you ever been curious about some rules and advices that parents gave you as a child? Are they true or false? I have and I made a small research on them. Today, I decided to show you my top five parents’ health notions and facts: 
1/ DON’T Drink water while eating         FALSE
  • Almost 100% food on Earth contains water, which means you absorb it every meals and nothing is harmful.
  • Water softens food to prepare for the grinding system in your stomach (especially with some hard, dry kinds of food)
There are more “scientific” reasons on the Internet but those two are the biggest and easiest to understand ones.

Tip: Drink warm water, little by little will help your digestion more. 
2/ DON’T Talk too much while eating     TRUE
This is actually a popular habit of some people that causes a large amount of air in your stomach (Aerophagia). It happens when you chew gums, smoke, eat too fast or talk while eating. Digestion problems, belly bloating, stomach ache, belching are some consequences you’ll get. So, beware!!

Eating while driving: DANGEROUS!!!

3/ DON’T Have meal in front of TV         TRUE
Not only TV, we sometimes read books, magazines in our mealtime, which will cause some serious problems. Initially, your brains are distracted and work less effectively on the disgestion. Then, you’ll lose the awareness of how much food you actually need. In fact, there is a research that overweight children tend to have their meals in front of TVs more. This is a big NO in diets people, keep focus on your mealsl!!
4/ DON’T Take bath or shower right after eating     TRUE
I never believed this everytime my parents told me. “Urg, why on Earth taking shower is harmful??”. But now, I have to retract my words. The explanation on some documents is kinda complicated but I’m gonna make it short:
Digestion needs good blood flow and heats up our bodies while operating. However, when we take shower right after eating, our blood flow will be driven to different ways to warm up or cool down the body temperature (depends on which cold or hot bath/shower you’re taking), which hinders the digesting process and messes everything up. => Stomach ache, faint or even heart attack. Be careful!
Tip: Wait for about 30 minutes after eating, and then take shower.

5/ DON’T lie on bed and read      TRUE
Obviously, when you lie on bed, the lighting is not enough for your eyes. Beside, the distance between the book and your eyes is too close, which requires your eyes to focus more and end up getting tired too soon. This is an unhealthy but enjoyable habit for us but our eyes are the most precious features, you need to control yourself.
Whoosh!! Just a top five list but you can see that 4/5 of them are true. Being independant is necessary but you need to be wise when some people give advises because some of them are extremely crucial.


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