Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Welcome welcome welcome - Alex&Pris

Summertime is coming!! Boys and girls are planning on their vacation: going to the beach, hiking, traveling to a foreign country, or even staying at home, enjoying their time. It’s the most crowded season of the year right now everybody, so we think it’s a good time to open our new page: Alex&Pris’s blog. When we said “we”, we meant we, Alessa Ngo and Priscilla Lee, presenting ourselves as best friends sharing some same hobbies since teenage time (I’m not sure if we were still teenagers haha) and being ready to share them with more of you girls.
Skip to the main point, our blog will focus on the most girly things such as beauty and fashion with I, Alessa is responsible for the beauty parts and Priscilla, our pretty girl, is on the Fashion side. However, there are no rules here so sometimes we mash our roles, just not so many times. Plus, boys, feel free to read our blog, we don’t often write serious, personal, “girls-only” topics, if yes, we’ll give you warnings.
Disclaimer: we write just for our love for life. We feel that we have to record our moments to make our time more meaningful. There are no profit reasons here so be comfortable and have fun.
Welcome ends here. We’ve got many interesting things to show your guys so wait for it!!!!


  1. I want to let you guys know I am very inspired by your blog and it inspired me to create my own! Your blog is awesome and keep on bloggin'! <3

  2. Beautiful: styles, photos, blog!


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